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Whats so special about Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen is the pollen from flowers that stick to the bees legs and is collected when the bees return to their hives. Baby bees are fed on Bee Pollen as its 40% protein. It's without doubt one of nature's most nourishing foods. Containing nearly all our nutrient requirements and half of its protein in the form of free amino acids to feed our body with important elements we don't normally consume, yet essential to our health. Organic bee pollen has some fantastic health properties. Many naturalist doctors and natural health practitioners regard bee pollen as nature’s “fountain of youth” due to its amazing health benefits, age reversing, disease-fighting, and health-boosting effects. Over 10,000 tons of Bee Pollen are consumed annually throughout the world either in direct form or more often than not added to medicines, tonics, supplements and health products.
Its use dates back thousands of years, Romans and Greeks called bee pollen “the life-giving dust”. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian societies used for its near-miraculous ability to rejuvenate and heal. Over 2000 years ago Hippocrates the recognized father of modern-day medicine used bee pollen as a natural medicinal solution to most ailments.
Its power is such that if everyone consumed at least a little Bee Pollen in their diet, half the worlds ailments and illnesses would be eliminated! And, we would live many more healthier years.

However, be warned. There are differnt types of pollen. And that is where taking supplements containing bee pollen can mean the difference between something that is miraculous good for you or just the opposite!

The majority of common off the shelf bee supplements have no control whatsoever as to where or what plants the pollen came from. Bees will visit any flowers within an extremely wide radius from the hive, traveling many miles in search of flowers. There is no control over which has good or bad pollen and even worse, the area could have been exposed to chemicals from weed and pest controls. Then there are air borne contaminants and pollution which can add harmful particles that deposit on the flowers or stick to the bees legs. Making the bee pollen very unhealthy. China is one of the biggest exporters of cheap bee products especially honey, its also one of the most land and air contaminated countries in the world.
As most off the shelf Bee products including honey has at least some if not all Chinese contents, I personally have NEVER bought bee products that are not from totally organic bee farms such as Forevers Arizona farm.

Forever Living are the only global company Ive found that have their own Bee Hives located in a perfect environment high in the Sonoran desert regions of Arizona with thousands of miles or organic flowering plants. This pristine environment eliminates contaminants such as pesticides and pollutants and results in the purest Bee Products in the world.
They are also now the largest manufacturer of hive products in the United States since 1982 owning Robson Bee Products. Robson was a third generation Beekeeper in Arizona since 1812. His family came from Germany where they had been beekeepers since the 16th century. All the pollen is air dried so that the nutrients are not destroyed.

Another important substance from the Bee Hive, Propolis, is a sticky resin secreted by trees. Bees collect and metabolize this Propolis, lining their hives with it to protect the hive. It’s so effective, the inside of a bee hive is far safer than most hospital operating rooms. Propolis has a history spanning thousands of years. The Assyrians and the Greeks used Propolis to help maintain good health. It is an excellent method to support the body’s natural defense system.
I have personally used it dozens of times with miraculous effects. From treating wounds, spots, rashes and as a wonderful night time conditioner cream for the face. Even on animals.... About two months ago my small dog had a back wound that would not heal despite using antiseptics like Germolene. So I tried smearing a little Forever Aloe and Propolis cream on the wound. I was amazed to see the wound healing by the very next day! A few days later, totally healed and now not even a scar to show where the wound was.
I have read hundreds of testimonials from people all over the globe about sometimes miraculous results from using Forever products and like them, I now swear by them. I never holiday anywhere without my tube of Propolis Cream for the bites, stings, rashes, spots or even sunburn. And of course, a few other Forever products to keep me young and healthy in my old age.

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